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literature has been plagued by several problems down the centuries preservation and easy access. This web-site hopes to address these problems with the blessings of Sri Hari, vAyu and guru.

When the evil pervasive influence of kali was corroding eternal vedic values, and deluding good souls into wrong paths, the Lord ordered vAyu, his principal execution arm to take birth on Earth and show the correct path to good souls. Accordingly, vAyu incarnated as Madhva, as foretold in the baLiThTha sUkta, and rejuventated sanAtana, vaidica, dharma.

Whenever vAyu incarnates, the rest of gods incarnate to serve him, and thus render their service to the Lord. This time too the same thing happened. The gods and heavenly saints incarnated as sanyAsis and haridAsas and propogated the concepts of shrimadAchArya. Unfortunately, their works have not been preserved to the extent they should have been and so we have lost many of these works. Let alone works in the previous centuries, we have lost quite a few of the works of great scholars in the twentieth century too. This is a matter of great distress and shame. We take great pains to preserve even small artifacts and articles belonging to our forefathers but have not shown the same diligence in preserving literary works of great savants.

It takes good deeds in hundreds of births to be born as a madhva. And several more to be born as one who has truly understood the concepts of tattvavAda. To become an erudite scholar in these concepts and to be able to expound these concepts in the form of literary compositions calls for a lot of accumulated puNya and yogyata. Such scholars are verily gods or demi-gods who have incarnated on earth for the benefit of people like us. Obviously their works are invaluable and need to be preserved for posterity. The chances of such great souls incarnating again or producing works of such quality and stature are indeed extremely slim and are reducing with the passage of time. Such being the case, it becomes our sacred duty to preserve every single thing that they have said or written, so that this is never lost. So that future generations may derive the same sAtvika anAnada from them as we have done. By not doing this, we are indeed failing in our duty and dharma, and nothing else we do can make up for this. Indeed this is a loss that is irreversible and very widespread in its impact.

Another aspect that we fail in is proper dissemination of information. We do this only through books but that is an inherently flawed mechanism for a variety of reasons. Book publishing has its own economics and unless it makes business sense nobody publishes books. This straightway means that a lot of rare manuscripts that have a limited audience will never get published. Let us say that this hurdle is crossed and some noble soul spends a lot of money to publish a book. Very soon the book is out of print and nobody bothers reprinting them since it is a losing proposition. We can give you thousands of examples of literary classics that out of print and not available for purchase today. A few rare copies are available, but they are available in some obscure place that nobody knows about, or are in some form that is not easily accessible.

What all this means is that a sincere jignAsi who wants to study shrimadAchAryas shAstra has very few resources to help him. There are very few books, teachers and guidance whatsoever. This becomes even more extreme when one crosses the borders of Karnataka and India. This reflects very poorly on us and does not do justice to the greatness of the subject matter. Works of our AchArya and his learned followers are literary gems that we should be very proud about. They are like crown jewels that should be proudly displayed to everybody. Thus it becomes every mAdhwas sacred duty to ensure that these concepts are as widely disseminated as possible and we show to show the greatness of tattvavAda to the rest of the world.

The sole ray of light in this gloomy picture is the wonderful work that a band of dedicated people at the Cyber Madhva Sangha (operating out of dvaita.org) have been doing to preserve tattvavAda literature.   We hope to supplement the wonderful job they are doing, by focussing on works in Kannada.

The organizers of this web-site promise that they will make every effort to collect whatever is humanly possible and legally feasible to collect and store in this website. We will approach every mAdhwa writer, well known and not so well known, and request them to give us permission to store their work in an electronic form in this website. We will beg, plead, request and grovel and show them our jolige. Whatever they put in our jolige, we will protect and preserve and widely dissemintate to the best of our abilities.

It is our hope and prayer to Sri Hari and vAyu that someday we will reach a state so that anybody, anywhere in the world, at any time can look up our major works and understand and admire the greatness of  shrimadhvAchArya.

ShrI krishNarpaNamastu.