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We ,(Organisers of tatvavada.org and haridasa.org) in coordination with ABMM and PPSM,Bangalore are pleased to announce launching of Internet Edition of 


( A monthly magazine in Kannada  on Dvaita Philosophy propounded by Sri Madhvacharya, Published by Akhila Bharatha Madhwa Maha Mandala , Bangalore,India)

from January 2001.You need to install latest version of Acrobat Reader to read the issues.If you have trouble in viewing these files, try saving them to your  harddisk and then launch Acrobat Reader and then try opening the file.

We intend to keep  this service free  and if you are willing to make contributions ,Please contact PPSMB.


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----Madhusudan Bheemasenarao and Madhusudana Rao CR

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