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(English bimonthly magazine of ABMM)

Paramapoojya Sri Vishvesha Tirtha Swamiji inherits his concern for propogation of Tattvavada from his mentor Guru Paramapoojya Sri Vidyamanya Tirtha. Out of many many venues he has chosen for fulfilling this, publication of works related to Tatvavada and a Kannada monthly of the same name are salient

English language is a prominent medium through which a very chunk of population can be accessed to convey any message and impart knowledge. The Tatvavada, if it should reach the mass, should be communicated through English. There is a dire need for doing this .We must accept that we have not so far done much work compared to other schools of Indian philosophy in this direction.
Sri Swamiji wants to fill up this void. Hence, the revival of this magazine's publication in English.

Our esteemed readers' fraternity, we hope, would heartily welcome this publication and encourage and advice the Editorial Board to which Swamiji has assigned the task. Tatvavada, it is earnestly desired, should reach tens of thousands of subscribers. The goal is to make available this torch of real true knowledge to illuminate many minds and hearts of knowledge seekers.

We request our readers to add some subscribers to this magazine and help the cause of propagation Acharya Madhva’s philosophy in a manner to suit to guide the knowledge seekers to lead a Dharmik life.

There is no need to inform our community members that Kannada tatvavada has already found its place over the net at www.tatvavada.org . It is freely accessible for all. Now we are going to publish Tatvavada English version online for its subscribers.

Readers are also requested to give us the feedback for improvements. We also welcome constructive reactions, comments, questions prompted by good taste.


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