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  January 25,2002   On the eve of Aradhana of Sri RaghUttama tIrtha a web page dedicated to life and works of great saint.  
  September 17,2001   Launching of  Chinthana-Manthana ,a collection of rare articles on Sri Madhva Philosophy  
  August 25,2001   Launching of  Online version of  Haridasavahini , a monthly magazine on Madhva Philosophy and Dasa Sahithya published by  Sri A.B.Shamacharya, Bangalore  
  August 22,2001   On the eve of Ganesha Chaturthi,  Stothra Sangraha section is updated with the inclusion  of Ganapathi sthothra Sandhi from HarikathamRuthasara, magnum opus of Sri Jagannatha Dasaru.Accent-Roman Version is also provided for people who cannot read Kannada Scripts.  
  August 15,2001   SarvamUla (37 Works of Sri Madhvacharya) gist under section kRuthigaLu  and E-TEXTS ONLINE  a major addition to the site.  
  August 6,2001   Launching of  home page on Sri Raghavendra Swamy  
  July 22,2001   Launching of Online version ofAchara-Vichara, a monthly magazine on Madhva Philosophy,published by Pejawara Matha, Udupi  
  July 9,2001   Launching of our Companion Website Nyayasudha on Srimannyayasudha, magnum opus of Sri Jayatheertha.